Instrument Details

 Make: EM-SCAN


Specification : Non-invasive measurement of lean body mass, total body fat in living animals.



Working Principles 

The Model SA-3000 utilizes a patented measurement technology known as the Harker Principle after its inventor. The electronic circuitry drives a 10 MHz oscillating magnetic field within its chamber, and senses the nature of the conductive material within the measurement chamber by detecting changes in the radiating coils impedance.


Laboratory animals

User Instructions 

To perform a phantom scan

  1. Place the proper phantom for the detection chamber that is being used near the system.
  2. Begin at PRESS BUTTON TO BEGIN SCAN. As indicated, press the STEP button to initiate the SCAN procedure.
  3. When SCAN appears, insert the reference phantom into the detection chamber. With reference phantom centered in the detection chamber, wait for the readings to stabilize, and then press the STEP button. When REMOVE SUBJECT appears, immediately remove the phantom and press the STEP button again. At this point, the CONTROL MODULE screen will display PLEASE WAIT for several seconds while the system is calculating the final result.
  4. EVALUE = X. The value of the phantom should be within the specified tolerance limits stated on the phantom. Record the readings remove the reference phantom and press the STEP button. It is recommended that three acceptable phantom scans are completed before scanning your subjects.

Scan Procedure

  1. Start the scan procedure with an empty detection chamber.
  2. Step 2: Click on the background button to take subject readings which will be updated once per second. The background field will turn green while the SA-3000 is in background mode.
  3. Wait for a stable background, defined as less than one count drift per second on average.
  4. Click on the Subject button to take subject readings. The subject field will turn green while the SA-3000 is in the subject mode.
  5. Insert the subject into the detection chamber.
  6. Wait for a stable subject reading. It will take at least 5 seconds for the subject reading to stabilize
  7. Click on the Background button to put the SA-3000 back into background mode. This will place the subject reading into the Scan results box.
  8. Remove the subject from the detection chamber.
  9. To scan the same subject again, repeat the procedure starting at step 3. The SA-3000 will be in background made after completing step 7.
  10. To save the average scan result, click on the E value button to place the normalized E value in the E value column of the current row of the worksheet. 

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