Animal Physiology

In-vivo Imaging

 Dr.N.Harishankar, M.Sc., Ph.D.(Operations and Maintenance In-Charge)


Staff associated:

            1.Mr.K.Satyanarayana, M.Sc.,

            2.Mr.K.Prathap Reddy, M.Sc., 


The State of art small animal physiology lab contains high end instruments like:


Total body electrical conductivity

(EM SCAN 3000)

Columbus event counter
Biopak polygraph
Rota rod tread mill (GMBH)
Grip strength meter  
  Oxy max respirometer (Columbus)
Plethysmograph (Columbus)  
NIBP system for small animals (IITC)
    • In vivo imaging system for small animals (Spectrum 201)


Several articles were published in reputed journals using these instruments. Click here to see all publications.


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