Following is the information on programs and meetings attended by Dr. Suresh Pothani, Director-In-Charge, NARF-BR.

January 2016

 Events Details



Attended IAEC meeting of Edara Research Foundation Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad

 15th & 16th








Participated in the Progress review  committee meeting of the GLP Standard In vivo laboratory Animal House at the Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine Jammu  


 19th & 20th 








Participated in the HBL's Animal House Advisory Committee Meeting to review the biannual progress of the facility 




Participated in the CCMB Screening committee to scrutinize the applications for the post of Technician 



 February 2016 Events Details



Attended the IAEC Meeting at Vallabhaneni Venkatadri Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Gudlavalleru  Krishna Dist AP 



Attended the Expert Committee Meeting of Twinning R&D program for NER on “Animal and Aquaculture Biotechnology (AAB)”  at the NERBPMC, New Delhi



Presented a topic on Importance of Laboratory Animals experimentation in biomedical research in the workshop at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi  



Lecture Laboratory Animal Experimentation for Trainees of Telangana State Management Institute for Livestock Development (TSMILD) at Veterinary Biological Research Institute Shantinagar Hyderabad 



Institutional Ethics Committee meeting of Lonza Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad 



Attended as guest of honour in the National Research Centre on Meats Foundation day Celebrations in Hyderabad 



Institutional Animal Ethics Committee meeting at Chalmeda Ananda Rao Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar 


 March 2016 Events Details









Organised and attended the First meeting of the Programme Management Committee & Programme Executive Committee and the Core committee for the National Animal Resource facility for Biomedical Research in HICC Novotel Hyderabad. Secretary DHR and DG ICMR Dr. Sumya Swaminathan was the Chairperson.




Attended and gave a key note address on the Indiscriminative use of  antibiotics and their effects “in the meeting of the “World Consumer Rights Day” organised by Veterinary Biological Research Institute Shantinagar Hyderabad

 17th & 18th 


Attended the Expert Committee Meeting of Twinning R&D program for NER on “Animal and Aquaculture Biotechnology (AAB)”  at the NERBPMC, New Delhi 



Participated in the Institutional Ethics Committee meeting of the  Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad 



 April 2016  Events Details



Meeting with Principal Secretary, Industry & Commerce, Telangana State regarding NARF-BR activities.






As Convener organised and attended the Seminar on “Animal Welfare and Alternatives to Experimentation in Bio-medical Research”, in association with CPCSEA on the occasion of the “World Laboratory Animal Day” celebrations at NIN.





Attended Meeting of Directors / Head Quarters Divisional Head’s, in ICMR, New Delhi for discussing on development of ICMR Strategic Document.





Attended Directors Meeting to discuss on the issues related to the institutions and release of website of NARF-BR by Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Secretary DHR & Director General ICMR in ICMR, New Delhi.



Attended the workshop on “Big Data and analytics in Epidemiology”  in collaboration with DST and ICMR, held at NIN., Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Director General, ICMR and Prof. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor, Govt. Of India have participated.

























Attended World Veterinary Day as Guest of Honour and participated in the Seminar on “Continuing Education with a one Health Focus” to speak on the subject ICAR – at National Research Centre on Meat Hyderabad




Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Secretary DHR & Director General ICMR launched the website of ICMR 33rd Institute the National Animal Resource Facility (NARF,) Hyderabad on 27th April, 2016 during Director’s meeting at ICMR Hqrs New Delhi. The Institution will be the first of its kind for quality laboratory animals for basic and applied biomedical research in the Country. Dr Suresh Pothani, Director-in-Charge briefed about the activities of the Institute





 May 2016 Events Details



Attended the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee Meeting of University of Hyderabad.



Attended the meeting to finalise the Tender Document of NARF-BR in ICMR, New Delhi.



Participated in the Swatch Bharat Institutional Programme.


June 2016 Events Details


IAEC meeting of the RCC Laboratories India Private Limited at Genome Valley, Turkapally



IAEC meeting of NIN Hyderabad

 22nd & 23rd


PEC meeting of NARF –BR for finalisation ToRs for selection of the Program Management Consultant



FABA meeting in Daspalla, Hyderabad Large Pharmaceutical Companies Reliance on External Innovation, Current and Future innovation hubs of the world Surya Sankratri Lecture 



NINSA General body meeting 
July 2016 Events Details


Inspection of VIVO Biotech, Animal Facilities as per the directions of CPCSEA MoEF & CC.



Attended the Tree Plantation day program in NIN. 

 15th & 16th


Meeting of GLP Standard Animal House Building Advisory Committee at Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine, Jammu.



Organized and Participated in the Plantation Day program at NARF BR ICMR Land in Turkapally Shamirpet. 



Valedictory Function of 48th Laboratory Animal Technicians Training Program in the Institute



ICMR & DHR Core Committee meeting for evaluation of ToRs for the appointment of PMC for Establishing NARF BR institute 



Meeting of Osmania University Zoology Department Board meeting for Syllabus finalization.
August 2016 Events Details


3rd SAC meeting of DBT –Animal House Facility for Biotechnology Research” of RMRC Dibrugarh at NER-BPMC, New Delhi 



Video conference meeting participation  in Core Committee meeting in ICMR for finalization of ToR’s and decision 



Meeting and lecture on “Animal Ethics and other aspects of Animal Housing, Management, Handling, Rules and Regulations” in National Institute of Malaria Research, New Delhi

 19th to 27th


Attended 7th International Symposium on Primate Research in Kunming, China