Service Activities

Achievement During 2015-16 

During this period Cabinet Committee headed by the Prime Minister of India given the approval for the establishment of “National Animal Research Facility for Biomedical Research” at the Genome Valley with a mandatory proposal to merge the National Centre for Laboratory Animal Sciences, Shameerpet, Hyderabad and also for the formation of 33rd permanent institution functioning under the aegis of ICMR, Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Government of India with approved grant of Rs 338.58 Crores.

Service Activities:

1. Breeding and Supply of animals

During the period, a total 36,267 animals were bred and out of which 22,607 animals were supplied to various outside institutions and 2,204 animals supplied within the institute. An amount of Rs. 58,51,525/- (Rupees Fifty Eight Lakhs Fifty One Thousand Five Hundred and Twenty Five only) has been generated. 

2. Supply of Animal Feed

 a. Stock Animal Feed

Centre prepared 54,810 Kgs of feed (Rat & Mouse feed 46,650 Kgs + Guinea pigs & Rabbit feed 8160 Kgs) during the period.  Out of this, a total of 25,883 Kgs feed (Rat & Mouse feed 22,631 Kgs + Guinea Pigs & Rabbit feed 3,252 Kgs) was supplied to outside institutions generating an amount of Rs. 37,44,220/- (Rupees Thirty Seven Lakhs Forty Four Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty only). An additional 30,962 Kgs of feed (Rat & Mouse feed 26,179 Kgs + Guinea Pigs & Rabbit feed 4,783 Kgs) was also supplied within the institute.

 b. Experimental Animal Feed

In addition, Centre also prepared 558 Kgs of custom made experimental animal feed and paddy Husk of 125 kgs to outside institutions.  An amount of Rs. 5,45,727/- (Rupees Five lakhs Forty Five Thousand One Hundred and Twenty Seven only) was generated.

3.  Blood and Blood Products

During the period, a total of 1074 ml of Blood and blood products have been supplied to different institutions an amount of Rs.2,65,300/- (Rupees two lakh Sixty Five thousand Three hundred only) has been generated.

4.  Human Resource Development

During this period two regular programs have been conducted. In the junior level Laboratory Animal Technicians Training Course (LATTC), there were 14 participants underwent training in Laboratory Animal Sciences.  In the senior level Laboratory Animal Supervisors Training Course (LASTC) 8 candidates were trained.

In the Ad-hoc training course 63 candidates from different organizations have been trained for a period varying from one week to 4 weeks. 

The centre participated in a workshop on Research Methodology & Biostatistics for from 16th Nov. to 20th Nov 2015 to train the 36 PhD students registered with NTR University as part of their curriculum.

The Centre organized a one day Seminar on "Recent practices for the improvement of Animal welfare" on the occasion of the World Laboratory Animal Day on 25th April 2015 in association with ICMR, CPCSEA and Humane Society International India. The program is organized mainly to commemorate the sacrifices made by all animals that have improved health, environment and quality of life of every species. In addition, the program included with lectures by eminent personalities on the subjects of animal welfare. There were more than 180 delegates from private and government organizations have participated including CPCSEA nominees of IAEC from various institutions. During these celebrations some of the retired staff of NCLAS and members from local animal welfare organizations has been felicitated. 

In additions to the above, the centre has Completed 52 animal experiments out of the 127 approved project proposals during the last 4 years.